30th July 2017
Manchester City Living
30th July 2017


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Here we designed and installed a multi room audio system, intelligent lighting system (internal and external), gate entry system, an automated awning, CCTV system, an av distribution system to all viewing points as well as a dedicated Home Cinema for a 6 bedroom detached home.

The audio system saw 16 separate zones for audio distribution nearly exclusively delivered through pairs of in ceiling stereo speakers, that could work independently or be brought together for party modes etc.

The lighting system had over 120 zones of individual lighting with on average 5 zones of lighting per room. The majority of lighting was from recessed down lights, with the scattering of pendant/lamp lights where required and LED shadow lighting in warm white colour around the house and colour change in the bar area and home cinema. Externally a full garden lighting installation was installed that was controlled by the central intelligent lighting system allowing both timed, pre programmed scenes and switched control of the system. As well as a garden audio system being present on the back terrace also.

The other form of lighting was the security lighting that was integrated to work with the CCTV system we installed and the door and gate entry system as well. That saw infrared motion sensitive cameras on the gate and in the four corners of the property.

We also installed a TV distribution system to accommodate every available point in the house taking it's sources from mostly localised equipment present in the key areas. One of those being the dedicated home cinema in the basement, that saw 200 inch acoustically transparent fixed screen with a 7.1 full surround system to be delivered by in wall speakers at the front behind the screen, ceiling speakers to the centres and wall mounted speakers for the rears to suit this room layout and application. Also here we installed fully automated dedicated home cinema seats to this fully kitted out stand alone cinema.

Other things of note being an in wall TV outside behind the bar, with a large automated awning for shade from both the sun and the rain, an in wall TV in the kitchen splash back, and 5.1 surround set to the 50 inch TV in the main sitting room.