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1Can you create lighting design plans for our finished house that can be installed without too much disruption?
Yes this isn't a problem as we have a range of products that work through the wifi and require less hardwiring that can be controlled by remotes, battery controlled wall stations or any phone/tablet device. Disruption is then minimised to the ceiling not the walls and can usually be installed by lifting the floor boards above. Eliminating the need for individual wires being channeled back to the switch and allowing for more controllable zones of lighting. Read more
2Is investing in lighting control as well as the fittings and layout design always worth it?
Yes nearly always as it allows you to create a variety of different scenes and moods to each individual room that allows you to use the same space in different ways in the evening. Also it is not comfortable to sit under the equivalent of 50w downlights without dimming them somewhat, yes you could wire back to a rotary dimmer switch, but the more lighting zones you have the less appropriate this becomes. Indeed the only time it is not really worth it is if we have been mainly employed to replace decorative fittings in rooms that have a maximum of three zones of lighting that already has the switching in and the budget is tight, for this would be one of our more cosmetic installs.
3How hard is it to retrofit lighting control?

To Hardwire a system back to a main control panel can be quite disruptive if the house isn't under going renovation at the time but not impossible with some vast experience of routing cables cleverly, and these systems are the most robust.

However the alternatives have improved in quality and reliability, which create less disruption to your property. They our often more favourable where the lighting design of one room is being considered, requiring one to establish the permanent incoming lighting feed to the ceiling and from this point routing cable for each zone of lighting where a radio frequency remote control dimmer will be located in the ceiling. Then from each of these each light on that particular zone will be wired in series. No other cable is required to be routed to switches as it is all done through wifi to battery operated wall stations and tablet devices, so the walls aren't touched.

4Have led fittings improved in their ability to dim on control systems?
The answer to this is yes and to a degree they are ever evolving to offer you more and more control over them. However they still don't quite deliver the control you may have enjoyed over your halogen bulbs, especially at the lower end of the dimming curve.