20th June 2017
Installing a Lutrons graphic eye system
20th June 2017
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Here we have installed an entry level home cinema system on the door threshold with the rear garden. Using a high performing mass market projector and two screens we have created an indoor 5.1 cinema setup with a 100 inch screen. By flipping the image on the projector and using the second, translucent screen, we created a cinema in the garden through rear projection, the real jewel in this installation’s

The client, although pushing the boat out for this inner city semi, is over the moon with his almost invisible internal automated cinema that will be great through winter evenings and, when combined with looking forward to watching Wimbledon, the rugby World Cup and movies in the comfort of his own garden, whilst barbecuing with friends, ‘it feels like all his Christmases have come at once’ in his own words!

The price for such an install is £3500 fully installed and represents the our entry level cinema option.

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