Are driven by their passion for creating uncompromised listening experiences, going beyond an audiophile sound to cater for the purists, where it simply all about the music!

Allow you to experience whole home automation with everything working together to create a lower stress, more comfortable, enjoyable home. They do the hard work so you don't have to!

The industry leader in lighting and blind control, with it's constant innovations keeping it one step ahead of the rest.

Residential Solutions

We carefully picked our suppliers so that they performed equally well in both the residential and the commercial sectors offering products that were tailored to specifically deliver to varrying markets and requirements. As well as a design and installation team that can adapt to both.

Residential we are very experienced and adept at employing very skilled, experienced and trustworthy personnel in small focused teams to go into finished homes and create minimal disruption whilst installing intelligent lighting systems, security, cinemas, multi room- audio, control and automation systems and blinds.

Commercial Solutions

With a product portfolio that has been handpicked for it's ability to scale into the commercial sector and deliver we as a business have done the same by making ourselves scalable for the commercial sector without losing the quality and attention to detail in both the design and installation phase. This has been achieved in such a market through an exclusive network of designers, programmers and installers who are independent but regularly work together where the size of the project demands and has resulted in our projects keeping a very high standard of focused and experienced ability on site at all times.